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International investors who own a farm in Uruguay or plan to purchase a farm will be interested in our proposal.

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Experience, Growth and Trust

When you own agricultural land in Uruguay as an absentee owner, you will always ask yourself how to manage the land in a way that it will be generating income, preserve soil quality as well as maintain the farm in good conditions. It requires technical expertise, a local network and the right skill set, but above all trust.

We offer Farm Management and see ourselves as land stewards looking after the conservation of your property´s natural resources over a long period while applying Good Agricultural Practices. Farm management is not only about the organization of agricultural production, but also about soil conservation, dealing with staff and financial management.

That is why our company is called Suma Agro Valor SAS.

We are a trustworthy partner for your farming operation in Uruguay. We are keen on technical innovation and apply open-mindedness. Our ambition for growth will be put in practice when managing your farm. We optimize the interaction of climate, soils and agricultural expertise.

We combine know-how, experience, and direct local presence daily.

We have a successful track record in working closely with landowners, providing support and assistance with their farming businesses. We operate different agreements utilizing either our own staff or the landowner´s staff to maximize profits. Farms managed by us are located in several parts of Uruguay, for example Flores, San José, Canelones, Durazno, Lavalleja, Rio Negro, Tacuarembó, Cerro Largo and Florida. Landowning clients are residents of countries such as USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.

Don´t worry about your farm,



Row Crops

Our team combines expert knowledge and experience in the field of row crops, livestock, and forestry.
We have experts in different regions as daily presence and immediate action is key to success.

In addition, we handle all finance and administration from Montevideo to make the farm fully compliant with local legislation and optimize profits with a view on sustainability in the long term. We are keen on integrating as much as possible technical innovation and frequently use drones, apps and satellite mapping. On a client’s request we carry out special projects.

Fees depend on scale, location, and type of activity. Therefore, it is not easy to give a general idea. Tell us the type of farm you want to manage, and we can give you an indication without delay.

Whether you prefer a lease or self-management, we can take care of both options depending on scale and location.

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